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Brian Carruthers

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Who is
Brian Carruthers

Brian Carruthers was a hard-working real estate agent in his 20’s, working 60+ hours every week chasing his next check. Like everyone else he knew, he was taught by society to just work hard and life would all work out. But he found that living on that hamster wheel was not where he wanted to waste his life. Brian found some mentors who taught him how to become the master of money, so that one day he could say goodbye to the rat race forever and start living life on his own terms.  And that he did. Once Brian learned the formula to creating wealth, he has dedicated every day to helping others learn to do this for themselves and their families.

Brian is now a full time stay-at-home dad and husband, a best-selling author of three books on money and entrepreneurship, and a mentor to many who want to follow in his footsteps. Through this book, the hope is that you discover a new perspective that leads you to a new mindset and possibly decisions that can put you on a new path to the lifestyle you want to live. This book has already changed countless lives, so let it do the same for you.