Leveraging Your Income

Why should you decide to build a network marketing business?

In today’s times, people are beginning to realize that jobs are not going to give them the lifestyle they desire.

But jobs are not designed to, for at a job, you trade your time for money. Typically, a company will pay just enough to get the maximum value out of the employee for the paycheck, and often the employee will work just hard enough not to lose the job and guaranteed income.

In fact, some still believe in job security or income guarantee. As soon as your company finds someone who can do your job faster or cheaper, loyalty is out the window and you are replaced. This is hardly a way to live your life, in a constant state of worry.

Americans are finally coming to grips with the fact that they must take control of their own financial future. No President is going to fix your personal economy… only you can.

Americans are finally coming to grips with the fact that they must take control of their own financial future. No President is going to fix your personal economy… only you can.

The mental turning point will happen for many people once they recognize that their situation will not improve itself and that there is a better way. Network marketing businesses allow a busy person who already has a career to start a part-time business to supplement their finances, while learning to grow the business to a larger significance.

As the late business philosopher Jim Rohn taught around the world — people should work during the day earning a living, while working part time at night building their fortune.

Earning a living is good, but building your own fortune is even better. Your own fortune is what will provide you with time freedom. Having control of your time allows you to live life by your own design.

The reason network marketing works is quite simple. The company wins by getting its product to the market. The consumers win because they get access to great products or services. The network marketer wins because the company pays significant income to the middleman.

But the key is the networker who has pride of business ownership. The hiring, training, motivating, and selling is driven in the field by the many network marketing business builders who are building their own fortunes. Instead of the earning power being coddled by the select few CEOs and company owners, it is distributed out to those who are truly bringing value to the marketplace.

The more value you deliver, the more money you earn. Bring no value, earn no money. Network marketing is the finest example of capitalism.

What’s great is you can find a business to start based on finding a network marketing company offering a product that you use, like, and believe in. Selling something just to sell it and earn a commission will not work well. People don’t like salespeople for this reason.

When you believe in what you are sharing with others, it will not seem like selling to you or them. And then you can leverage yourself into freedom by inviting others to build their own fortunes part time with you. The more people you bring aboard and teach to supplement their incomes, the higher your earnings will grow. You can now reap the rewards of the real estate broker without all of the risk and downside!

Will everyone choose to start their own business from home in network marketing? Of course not. There are many skeptical people who are stuck, closed-minded, and would rather continue living stressed out, check-to check lives, than venturing into something new.

The very idea of making the mindset shift to becoming an entrepreneur is scary to them. They fear failing, so they will not even try. Or they may fear what others will think about them for engaging in a business that they deem as a “scheme.”

You can waste your time trying to argue that the real pyramid scheme is the corporate pyramid they are currently in, where they will never earn as much as their boss or CEO.

Or you can let people continue on as they wish, and stay focused on making the shift yourself and attracting wealth into your life. In time, as more and more people they respect decide to employ this network marketing business model, they may eventually come around.

But it is not your job to worry about their family’s finances. If they are not worried about it, then you shouldn’t concern yourself with trying to help them. Everyone has freedom of choice.

Don’t listen to those who don’t have what you want.

When you buy someone’s opinion, you buy their lifestyle.

Rather, determine what you want, then find a mentor who has it and is willing to help you achieve what they have.

You will find this mentor in network marketing like I did, because the business model compensates them for helping you win! Brilliant concept!

Just remember all of the good things you will do for people with this newfound money.

Leveraged Income = Lifestyle Freedom

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