• Why do you WANT more money?
  • Why do you NEED more money?
  • What is your RELATIONSHIP with money?
  • Do you ATTRACT OR REPEL money?
  • What’s the BEST WAY to get more money?

This is a story about money, and how to control it so that it doesn’t control you. A young man figured out how to make seven figures a year while having complete freedom to control his own time.

My name is Brian. I grew up around money. I grew to respect money and what it could provide for in our lives. I was raised in beautiful homes, I went to incredible private schools, and was given a great university education. My parents took the family on trips around the world.

I also witnessed their giving nature in helping others. I grew up learning about money from parents who understood how to play the money game.

So I guess I somehow learned how to attract money, while most people seem to repel it.

I have spent much time with people who did not have the same insight that I garnered from my upbringing. I always dreamed of someday helping many more people be able to provide for their families in the same way that my parents provided for me. That is how I provide for my own family now, but I want to help countless others.

That is why I wrote this short story about money.